Fitness Expert, Haley Borden has trained the major league baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays. She has implemented the pilatecize program into the Blue Jays training routine to help build core strength which will help reduce in their sport injuries. She has trained the trainers of the team, so that they will incorporate and maintain the pilatecize program in the professional ball player's daily workout routine. She is a certified Pilates fitness instructor and a former faculty member of Ryerson University where she taught Pilates as part of the drama department's degree curriculum. Haley has trained the concert crew for the Rolling Stones as they rehearsed in Toronto in preparation for their world tour.

Haley is a Lululemon ambassador; she is a member of the Canadian Actors' Association ACTRA. She has appeared in numerous television commercials and magazine advertisements, and has demonstrated the stretching techniques on the exercise stability ball on television. Haley runs a successful personal training business to the elite of Toronto. She is personal trainer, an aqua fitness instructor, a spinning instructor and a devoted student of yoga. Haley is a certified Lifestyle Total -well Being Educator. A dedicated fitness professional, Haley keeps up to date with the leading research of the world's health and fitness industry. She is member of the International Association of Fitness Professionals, the Canadian Personal Trainer's Network, the American Council on Exercise, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She runs marathons and triathlons and participates in adventure sports. The Pilatecize technique has kept her fit, flexible, and injury free.

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