Pilates - [pronounced (pi-lah-tees)] is the technique of properly aligning the body through controlled movements in order to develop strength and flexibility in the muscles, without building bulk. It has become a popular way to exercise and a part of mainstream fitness all over the world.

Pilatecize™ is a revolutionary, all-in-one, mind and body technique that combines the "core" principles of Pilates and Yoga, the balance and coordination of the exercise ball and strength training with the rubber band into one fun filled total body-conditioning program.

You will experience an incredible workout that will sculpture your entire body, establish core abdominal strength, improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, release stress, and will leave your body feeling relaxed and toned. This routine provides twice the workout in half the time.

Pilatecize™ will transform the way you look, feel, and perform.

The Pilatecize™ routine is based on the Pilates program developed by Joseph Pilates during World War I. Pilates taught fellow prisoners to maintain their health through a series of exercises combining physical fitness with breath and mental activity. His program increased their strength and muscle flexibility without building bulk. Now, because it works, the Pilates program has become immensely popular. Haley Borden is a certified Pilates instructor, who has integrated the Pilates technique with the exercise ball, combining it with yoga and strength training with the rubber band to work the body more efficiently. This unique blend of body movements is a safe and effective exercise program using non-impact movement for restoring and maintaining good postural health. Every movement in each exercise is enhanced while adding intensity, stability and fun to the workout. Haley's positive visualization suggestions make it seem easy for the mind and the body to coordinate, stretch to new limits and move beyond.

Pilatecize™ combines the best of the best into one great workout!

Strong core abdominal muscles that are referred to, as your midsection or "powerhouse" will help keep you centered and properly aligned. This muscle control and postural awareness will help you throughout your everyday functional activities. Such as, how you sit at a compute, pick up your child, reach for the top shelf in your closet, or if you slip while walking, when you rely on your balance and coordination the most.

Breathing patterns are used to help the body relax and focus on "centering" which will connect your mind to the muscles you are using. By increasing your powerhouse you will not only stand taller and look leaner, it will help relieve your lower back pain, which is contributed from weak abdominal muscles.

The exercise ball helps develop core strength along with balance and coordination. Just sitting on the ball will improve your posture - you can't slouch on the ball like in chair and bouncing on the ball is fun - you feel like a child again. The exercise ball is widely used by physiotherapist in rehabilitation programs.

The major league baseball team the Toronto Blue Jays has implemented the Pilatecize™ program into the ball players training routine for a challenge of athletic ability in strengthening the ball player's core which will help reduce sports injuries. The demand and discipline of a baseball player is to be on the field and in the game injury free and pain free. When you are injured the other muscles come into play to alleviate the pressure on the injured area this will lead to an imbalance of your musculoskeletal structures. Realignment of the body requires re-educating the musculature structure to the new movement. Stretching and lengthening the tight muscles and strengthening the core abdominals will achieve greater range of motion and increased flexibility, making it easier for the professional ball player to slide into home plate!

Here are just a few things this innovative total body workout does:
  • Pilatecize™ sculpts the entire body.
    By adding the exercise ball and band to the routine, Haley has ensured that each part of the routine works the full body - the upper, the lower body and the core muscles. A toned body is more graceful, better coordinated and healthier.

  • Pilatecize™ establishes abdominal core strength.
    Pilatecize™ improves the "core" abdominal muscles, also referred to as the center or midsection. This not only helps one to stand taller and look leaner but relieves lower back pain as well. This muscle control and postural awareness helps you throughout the day, whether one is sitting at a computer, picking up a child, reaching for the top shelf, or regaining your balance after a slip.

  • Pilatecize™ improves posture, balance, coordination, and flexibility.
    Stronger core muscles lead to better posture. Simply sitting on the exercise ball engages the core muscles, which improves balance and coordination. This will make you feel taller!

  • Pilatecize™ relieves stress.
    The Pilatecize™ breathing patterns help the body relax. The Pilatecize™ routine incorporates the breathing techniques of Pilates and yoga to encourage relaxation, heighten focus and oxygenate the blood.

  • Pilatecize™ leaves the body feeling toned and relaxed
    The constant attention to breathing and the addition of visualization techniques help to strengthen and relax the muscles. Pilatecize™ is the perfect way to combat the stresses of everyday life.

  • Pilatecize™ safe.
    Since the Pilatecize™ technique uses non-impact movements; it is a safe and effective exercise program that is fun for all fitness levels and ages. It causes no wear and tear on joints. Instead it can restore and maintain good postural health.

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